Laboratory & Sterilization Technology

NÜVE has been built upon 45 years of experience that offers excellent choice and value and full support to customers.

  • Microbiological Safety Cabinets

  • Blood Bank Refrigerators

  • Water Distiller

  • Water Baths

  • Incubators

  • Centrifuges

NUVE Incubator

Reproducible and reliable cell growth is dependent upon three critical parameters, temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity. EC 160 CO2 Incubator offers the researcher all that is required to ensure optimum cell culture conditions.

NUVE Centrifuges

A quiet induction motor takes the rotors to maximum speed in a short time and a series of adaptors ensures that all types of microtubes can be accommodated in the same rotor, saving time and space by avoiding the need to change rotors.

NUVE Water Distiller

Rugged and reliable, the NÜVE water distillation units have provided service to laboratories worldwide over many years. Available in a range of supply capacities, there is surely a model corresponding to your needs.

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