Pneumatic Tube System

Aerocom's goal is to provide the highest quality pneumatic tube systems for the customer's needs by providing first class systems.

  • Pneumatic Tube Systems

  • Internal Transport System for Labs

  • Pharmacies & Documents

Leak Proof Anti-Microbial Carrier

Eliminate infectious control worries with Aerocom’s Anti-microbial Leak Proof Carrier. Keep spills or leakage contained inside the leak proof carrier preventing system contamination.

Aerocom Stations

Pneumatic tube stations are the docks that send and receive carriers. Aerocom’s stations are equipped to maximize the efficiency of material transportation with interfaces that are technologically advanced yet easy-to-use.

AC50 Pneumatic Air Tube System

The Aerocom AC50 Pneumatic Air Tube System has a separately housed control centre with transparent cover acts as the brain of the system and monitors all system functions.

To minimize the spread of dust, viruses, bacteria and spores, special filter cartridges have been developed for pneumatic tube applications. There is an air exchange (pressure/suction) on end stations and on blowers. Possible contamination can be minimized by using appropriate air filters. According to the specifications of clinics or industrial applications, various filter classes are available.

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